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My husband and I commissioned Louise to create a painting as we were given some money as a wedding gift from our parents. We thought that a painting would be an excellent way of deriving lasting value and enjoyment from their gifts. Louise was highly professional and responded quickly and efficiently to all email contact, offering to discuss our ideas in greater detail on the telephone. She incorporated sand and shells from her own honeymoon into our seascape - that's dedication! The colours, shades and textures are perfect for the space in our home and we treasure Louise's work above all else that we own! She's a gem!

Arlene Booth, Hawaii

"Aquamarine Beach is even more lovely than I expected; I am so pleased with it. We have changed our lighting to capture the sparkling quality of the painting even more by shining a light across it. You can be sure I will treasure the painting always".

Linda, Uckfield

I bought an abstract painting from Louise several years ago as I fell in love with it, Louise is an amazing artist. I still get pleasure every time I look at it to this day, and it was the first painting in my art collection. I was even more pleasantly surprised recently when I bought a second painting, that it had also been a great investment, I found Louise's work had doubled in price since I purchased the first painting.

Tom, Brighton

We were searching for a long time to find a painting for our music room. Your Rose flower painting was just what we were looking for. The addition of musical notes in the background, made it just perfect.
Thank you again.

Mary and James, London

Louise I would like to thank you for the joy your painting has brought us. It was not until my wife bought one of your paintings, that I realised a painting could light up a room. I had never realised the happiness that an amazing piece of art can bring.

John, Bristol

We moved from Brighton to London a year ago and I really missed the sea. Now we have one of your seascape paintings I feel we have our very own sea view. The painting feels like it has a life of it's own and never looks the same twice. It is just like the sea views I remember before we moved.

Marcus White, London

"Her work embodies a spiritual and an expressive essence of a highly imaginative and individual artist, her art is highly reflective and it works with the light in an almost hypnotic way."

Thomas Patrick, American Express

Artist Louise Brooks-Customer Testimonials

Thank you to all of my customers who have been so enthusiastic about my art. As an Artist the lovely comments give me such inspiration.
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My name is Chrissie and my husband bought your piece, 'Another Day at Midas Beach' yesterday. We absolutely love it and it now sparkles magnificently in our lounge. Even on a fairly grey day it brings light and warmth into our lounge. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful painting.

Chrissie Ray, Lancing

I purchased a seascape from Louise and it was so easy from the request through to safe and sound delivery at the time agreed - and absolutely adore it! Louise really understood what I liked and has produced such a beautiful picture. It enhances my life every time I look at it - and I look at it at least 10 times a day - I always see something different, and the whole mood of the scene changes depending on the time of day and on how the light catches the different textures. It is beautifully constructed and the colours are fabulous. Basically, if my house was on fire this is the one thing I would grab to save!!!

Jules Woodward, Kingston

I had always said to myself that one day I would commission a piece of art and when I first saw one of Louise’s seascapes I knew that that day had come. I was confident that I had found an artist who could create something that I would never get bored of. Louise welcomed me and my niece in to her home where she patiently listened to how I wanted to feel when I looked at my painting and showed me lots of different examples of her work so I could share with her the elements I liked. I was so impressed with her passion, enthusiasm and the dedication she demonstrated to getting it right. She didn’t just listen, but also asked me questions to make sure I had thought of every detail. To my amazement she was able to take all this information and create the most beautiful seascape, that fits into my home perfectly and which is more beautiful than I could have hoped for. I know it is something I will treasure forever. The end result is beautiful, but every aspect of the process working with Louise was an absolute pleasure. This may be the first of Louise’s paintings I own, but I am sure it won’t be the last.

Selena, Crowborough

We just wanted to say a huge, HUGE Thank You for the fantastic seascape that you have done for us. You have captured everything that we wanted and it has combined exactly all of the colours in our room and somehow brought the whole room together for us. Paola brought it up to us last evening and we have already spent several sessions just sitting and watching it change with the light coming into our room – fantastic !! We will try and take a picture which does it justice and send to you, but please feel free if you would like to come in and see it in place at any time. Thank you again – it has exceeded our wildest dreams. Kind regards

Peter and Elizabeth, Upper Beading

I just had to write to tell you how much I loved the abstract painting my partner bought for my birthday. It was definitely the best 50th birthday present anyone could have received. I have admired your artwork for years and never thought I would actually own one. I have enclosed some pictures of the painting in pride of place, in case you would like to add them to your website.

Finn, Brighton